Reverse Dieting

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Your thundering footsteps echo through the tunnel chambers and attract the attention of some villagers.  Smiling, you await their praise, but all you hear is gasps.

Confused, you slow your ascent. That’s when you hear the guttural groaning. You look down and notice the beast king is still very much alive.

Behind you stands his army of minions that you spent weeks slaying.

In your rush to return to the surface, you somehow allowed them to return in droves.

The fight is dire than when you first began.

You unsheathe your blade, concerned you lack the strength to survive this.

If you can manage to defeat them once more, your only hope is finding a way to halt the beast’s return.

What is Reverse Dieting?
• Quick Reverse & Slow Reverse Methods

• For Male & Female 
• Slaying the beast for good
• Science Behind It All
• Tips & Tricks
• 16+ Pages

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