Quad Quake

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The rubble settles. The ground goes quiet for a moment before cracking open from the force of a true source of power. The sight of this behemoth would be beautiful if it didn’t mean one thing….

Humanities' time is over.

No…no, you can’t think like that.

Maybe if you can understand the Titan you can reason with it. It must have a purpose…a motive…. If not, it may have a weakness. Quick, you must return to the lab.  There is only so much time before it’s brothers and sisters walk the Earth. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders.

Only you can halt the RISE OF THE FOUR.

In-depth Quad Program
• Quad Training Guide

• For Male & Female 
• Myths Vs Truths
• Rep Ranges, Number Of Sets
• Common Mistakes Revealed
• 23
+ Pages

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