Meal Prep Valhalla

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You are responsible for their sustenance. Their power and energy that they unleash upon their enemies in battle.

Then, each night when they return to feast, you are responsible for the food that will repair their broken bodies.

After your meal, they emerge refreshed and stronger.

You often gaze at them in wonder as they, unbeknownst to you, return the stare.

How does one prepare the perfect feast for thousands of warriors daily?

How do you sparse the meals? How do you prepare these diverse meals every day? Surely there must be some secret.

The truth is, there is.

There are tricks and tips gleamed from thousands of years of meal preparation.

You have kept them hidden in your secret tomes, the Meal Prep Valhalla.

Learn to meal prep like a pro
• Protein, Fats & Carbs broken down

• Food Shopping Habits
• Feeding The Warriors
• Science Behind It All
• Tips & Tricks
• 17+ Pages

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