Intermittent Fasting

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Within this book lies their secret. It seems the ancients practiced some sort of famine and feast pattern that allows these creatures to survive well beyond their natural years. Could this be how the creatures and plants flourish without a steady source of nutrients?

You flip through the pages, eager to discover the truth. Unfortunately, it seems the room does not like to be disturbed. You have upset the delicate balance, causing the room to shift and crumble. There is little time. You pull at the book, but it is cemented in place. You cannot take it with you. Stone and sand cracks along your back as you turn page after page. There is little time.

You must unlock the secret of the ancients before, you too must use it to survive indefinitely in this hidden chamber.

What Is Intermittent fasting?
• Fasting Protocols

• For Male & Female 
• Diet Examples "Including The Normal Approach" 
• Science Behind It All
• Tips & Tricks
• 17+ Pages

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