Attitude | Motivation Series

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Yet, we can craft our own version of the universe. There is no absolute reality. Each person perceives their surroundings in a unique way, filtered by their thoughts. If you think that everything that happens is specifically designed to punish you, you will see the world as a wretched, personal hellscape.  If you think that within everything is an opportunity to improve, you will find the world affords you nigh-infinite assistance towards your goal. If you can reign in the limitless power of your mind, you can shape you into the world you wish to see; into a world that desperately wants to see you succeed.

Think of the universe as a vast, infinite expanse of space that reverberates the energy you throw into it. Existence is an echo. If you shout pain, suffering, and woe is me into the void, that will come back to you. If you speak with purpose and gratitude into the world, what will come back is a treasure trove of infinite possibilities.

Attitude - Motivation E-Book Chapter 3

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