Cardio Chronicles

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Golden age bodybuilders and traditionalists espouse the benefits of steady-state cardio. They believe it to be ideal for muscle mass retention and fat reduction. New age competitors have increased the prevalence of HIIT cardio in the past two decades. This camp believes that HIIT cardio is superior for muscle retention and increased calorie expenditure, and thus, fat loss.

Must one be truly better than the other? Does one side of the aisle know the truth, while the other clings to their beliefs, blinded by confirmation bias? The truth may not be as clear cut. Join me, as we open the cardio chronicles.

Together, we will find the truth.

Steady State VS HITT Training
• Library of Cardio

• For Male & Female 
• Steady-State Cardio Explained
• How HIIT Training Works
• Tips & Tricks
• 17+ Pages

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