Arm Training V4

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Suddenly, your ship rocks and shakes violently. What dark magic is this? You struggle to reel in the harpoons before your golden ticket sinks to the ocean floor, but instead, the harpoons are ripped from your deck into the sea.

The waves grow as your boat lifts from the water only to careen back into the ocean. You are knocked down as a wave of frigid salt water washes over the bow. Then you see it. The creature lured you into its domain.  You were merely chasing its tail. You were following it to your doom.

You believed that man had conquered the seas, but it’s clear that your power is meaningless here. You begin to pray as you see the creature rise from the depths. It’s time to face the true monster.

Arm Training Guide
• Unlocking The Your Bicep Peek

• For Male & Female 
• Exact Training Methods
• Rep Ranges, Number Of Sets
• Common Mistakes Revealed
• 16
+ Pages

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