Super Charged Muscle Growth

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The bands on your arms glow and sap your strength. You fall to the ground in agony and confusion. Who are these men and what have they done to you? You have a wife and family. You have a home. Will you ever see them again? Are they okay?”

“We are going to test your strength to see if the experiment was a success. After that you will be free to go.” The voice imperceptibly changes as he makes the promise. You both know that he’s lying.

You nod, ready to take on whatever tests they have for you. You are not going to allow these men to determine your fate. Whatever they did to you, whatever power they have over you, it won’t stop you. You will leverage their power with your own. You will break free of their control and use your newfound power to escape.

You grip your fist as you allow the electricity to swell in your muscles. You feel your power grow as the electricity pours off of you like water.

“Begin!” the voice proclaims. 

 You are going to show them what a terrible mistake they’ve made.

Learn to get the most out of your 40-minute training session
• Concentric vs Eccentric Movements

• Wearing BFR Bands & Benefits

• Importance of Stretching 
• Nutrition Tips & Tricks

•  20+ Pages

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