Justice | Motivation Series

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Humanity is built on our understanding of meaning and justice. We have grown from small, isolated city-states of several thousand to metropolitan hubs of several million. Ancient civilizations were built by hand and at the mercy of a pantheon of gods who decided their crop yield, weather, and even pregnancies.  We have advanced to doppler radar systems that warn us of incoming weather systems, advanced hydroponics, and techniques that maximize food growth, and cell therapies to provide unprecedented control and protection throughout childbirth. Whereas small alcoves of humanity may have been populated by a homogeneous group, these mega civilizations are filled with diverse populations of different beliefs, cultures, and ethnicities. Each of these people has their own goals and filter through which they see the world. Despite the richly diverse backgrounds, one tentpole of civilization has allowed us to build a grow; the golden rule.

Justice - Motivation E-Book Chapter 6

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